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Government Information Exhibits

2020 March United States Census Display


The year 2020 marks the 230th Decennial Census in the United States. Mandated by Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution the decennial census has been conducted in years ending in "0" since 1790. The earliest decennial censuses were conducted under the authority of the Secretary of State until the Department of the Interior assumed responsibility in 1849. Upon its creation in 1902, the U.S. Census Bureau in the Department of Commerce and Labor now oversees the census. FSU Libraries created a multilayered display composed of government publications and popular literature to provide information about the significance, use, and controversies of this national event, and to encourage the FSU and the Tallahassee community to participate in this year’s census.

Physical Resources

The Hard Count

Who Counts? The Politics of Census Taking in Contemporary America

Making use of the Census

Decennial Cenus: overview of historical census issues

Once, only once, and in the right place: Residence Rules in the Decennial Census

Shades of Citizenship


Electronic Resources

Looking for the last percent: the controversy over census undercounts

Counting on the census?: race, group identity, and the evasion of politics

Changing race: Latinos, the census, and the history of ethnicity in the United States

Bureau of the Census, fact finder for the Nation

US 2020 Census Promotional Materials and Guidelines

Counting People in the Information Age



Government Information display located on the ground floor of Strozier Library


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