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University Libraries Council Collection Management Subcommittee

University Libraries Council

Florida State University Libraries
Collection Management Subcommittee of the University Libraries Council


As information resources continue to grow, and electronic resources demand an increasing portion of the University Libraries materials budgets – individually and severally, a collaborative discussion and review process among University Libraries is needed.  A university-wide subcommittee that would develop and oversee a broad overview of the collections of the FSU Libraries, developing ways of delegating university-wide responsibility for strengthening the collection of all libraries to the benefit of our faculty and students is needed.


The membership of the subcommittee is drawn from each of the libraries of FSU, and is comprised of appointees whose responsibilities include collection development and management for their respective libraries.  The subcommittee will address issues relating to the overall effectiveness of the University Libraries collections to serve all of the FSU faculty and students.


The FSU Collection Management Subcommittee will address several issues among which are the following:

Identify opportunities for sharing resources and expertise in managing collections.
Review, analyze, and evaluate collections across University Libraries and report findings. 
Conduct studies that analyze the acquisition of journals, serials, micro formats, and electronic resources versus monographs on an annual and multiple year bases.
Conduct selective overlap studies that identify the duplication of resources and make recommendations for alternatives, substitutions, and cancellations.
Recommend to the Director of the University Libraries ULC-wide collection development policies.
The Subcommittee will prepare and submit meeting minutes to the University Librarian for distribution to the University Libraries Council.

(Membership and Charge Revised December 2003)

The 2012-2013 Subcommittee members are:

    Sara Nodine
    Assistant Librarian, Head of Music Collection Development
    Allen Music Library

    Leila Gibradze
    Assistant Librarian
    Goldstein Library

    Anne Bardolph
    University Librarian
    Law Research Center

    Martin Wood
    Assistant University Librarian
    Maguire Medical Library

    Roy Ziegler (Chair)
    Associate Dean, Collection Development
    University Libraries

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