Campus Study Spaces

Study Spaces Open to All FSU Students

Strozier and Dirac Libraries

Strozier and Dirac have capacity for several hundred students to study on our open floors. They also contain numerous private study rooms for group or individual use. Study rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. You can view available rooms on our Study Rooms and Spaces page. If you want to study in an open area, please consult the following list based on your needs:


  • Quiet Floors: Basement, Floor 2 (Parts), Floors 3-5
  • Noise Allowed: First Floor, Floor 2 (Parts)


  • Quiet Floor: Floor 1
  • Noise Allowed: Floors 2-3

Questions may be directed through our Ask Us service.

ACE/William Johnston Building (WJB)

The first two floors of building are open for studying with no noise restrictions/enforcement. Individual and group study rooms can be reserved for individual study in 2 hour blocks up to 2 weeks in advance.

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub, contained inside the Shores Building, has the following spaces available:

  • 20+ “workspaces” that can be reserved in advance, individuals only

  • 3 enclosed rooms that can be reserved in advance, individuals only

  • Larger rooms can be reserved by faculty/staff/departments.

Questions may be directed to Innovation Hub ( or Ken Baldauf (


CARE provides 25 private and group study rooms for students to use to support their academic success. Students can check out study rooms for up to a maximum of 2 hours. Students will be responsible for any damages the room, keys, or equipment associated with misuse of any of the CARE Study Rooms. There is no eating or drinking in CARE Study Rooms. Please direct any question to the Care Lab Team.

Study Spaces with Limited Access

Music Library

The Music Library is available to all students, but priority is given to students currently in the College of Music. Group study rooms are available to groups of three or more. Please take a look at the Music Library's full list of policies before booking a room.

Academic Resource Center

Academic Resource Centers (ARC) are convenient spaces for students living on campus to study, collaborate and excel academically. The ARC provides an on-campus space for communal and individual learning, or to meet with an Academic Trainer. There are multiple seating options, whiteboards, and resources for projection. Current ARC locations include:

  • Jennie Murphree Hall: Ground Floor (All Residents)
  • Landis Hall: First Floor (Residents of Broward, Landis, and Gilchrist)
  • DeGraff East: First Floor (Residents of DeGraff East and DeGraff West)

Engineering Building and Library

The Engineering Library is open 24/7 for general use, but is staffed during regular business hours Monday-Friday. Group study rooms are available for students and faculty in the College of Engineering

College of Law Research Center

The Research Center serves as the library for the College of Law. It is available 24/7 for students in the College of Law with a current FSU ID card.

Maguire Medical Library

The College of Medicine library is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours. It is only available to students and faculty from the College of Medicine