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FY 2015-2016

Print Volumes in Libraries- 2,330,541
E-books - 1,609,376
Databases – 1,144
Electronic Journals – 125,007
Total Items Loaned =  17,347
Total Items Borrowed = 12,657

FY 2014-2015

Print Volumes in Libraries- 3,375,689
E-books - 915,368
Databases – 1,064
Electronic Journals – 119,385
Total Items Loaned17,772 
Total Items Borrowed = 11,957


FY 2013 -2014

Print Volumes in Libraries - 2,556,994
E-books - 357,153
Databases - 910
Electronic Journals - 82,130
Total Items Loaned = 21,490
Total Items Borrowed = 11,920


FY 2012 - 2013     

Print Volumes in Libraries - 3,235,243
E-books - 1,128,765
Databases - 887
Electronic Journals -  86,570
Total Items Loaned = 15,528
Total Items Borrowed = 22,448
A total of 233,515 books and other library materials were checked out during 2013.

Library Circulation Changes, 2010-2015

circulation figures for e-books, print loans, ILL requests, UBorrow requests
FSU Libraries held access to approximately 1,244,589 e-books as of the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Information on e-book collections and access to ebooks can be found here
Change in number of UBorrow requests
UBorrow allows you to request materials directly from participating libraries within Florida’s state university and college systems.  This unmediated borrowing service increases your access to the collections of the other universities and colleges in Florida. Additional information on UBorrow can be found here
negative growth of print loans
Change in number of ILL requests from 2010-2015
ILL allows you to to request articles, books, and more from libraries around the world. Additional information on what ILL is can be found here

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