LEDS Pick-Up and Delivery Locations

Drop-off Point: 309 Rovetta Business Building Accounting
Department Phone: 644-2771
Contact Person: Donna Arnold RBA 309 644-9932
Contact Email: darnold@cob.fsu.edu 
American and Florida Studies
Drop-off Point: 404-A Diffenbaugh
Department Phone: 644-0202
Contact Person: Malinda Bathea 0103 L52 644-4281
Contact Email: mbethea@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 220 Fine Arts Building
Department Phone: 644-2932
Contact Person: Rebekah Elliott
Contact Email: relliott2@admin.fsu.edu
Art Education
Drop-off Point: 1034 Williams Johnston Building
Department Phone: 644-2147
Contact Person: Yolonda Ferris 644-2147
Contact Email: yferris@fsu.edu
Art History
Drop-off Point: 1019 Williams Johnston Building
Department Phone: 644-1250
Contact Person: Julie Phinney
Contact Email: jphinney@fsu.edu
Arts and Science
Drop-off Point: 110 Longmire
Department Phone: 644-1083
Contact Person: Sheryl Grossman 110B
Contact Email: sgrossman@fsu.edu
Asian Studies
Drop-off Point: 211 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-4418
Contact Person: Patty Lollis 211 BEL
Contact Email: plollis@fsu.edu
Biological Science
Drop-off Point: Stock Room King Life Science Building
Department Phone: 644-3700
Contact Person: Rick Bessey 2067E 850-644-4788
Contact Email: rjbessey@fsu.edu
Biology 1
Drop-off Point: 113 Biology Site 1
CALA (Center for the Advancement of Learning & Assessment)
Drop-off Point: 210-B Sliger Building at Innovation Park (BFS)
Department Phone: 645-2252
Contact Person: Gina Iacuzio 0211 BFS 644-6498
Contact Email: giacuzio@fsu.edu
CAPS-Center for Advanced Power Systems (Office of Research)
Drop-off Point: Building A Suite A Innovation Park (2000 Levy Ave.)
Department Phone: 644-1035
Contact Person: Nancy Rainey A-0148 644-1035
Contact Email: rainey@caps.fsu.edu
Center for Global Engagement
Drop-off Point: 2nd Floor, Suite. 2100 Global And Multicultural Center
Department Phone: 644-1702
Contact Email: cge@admin.fsu.edu
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (College of Engineering)
Drop-off Point: Library, 131 A 2525 Pottsdamer Street Building A
Department Phone: 410-6149
Contact Person: Rebecca Culp A131 410-6151
Contact Email: bculp@eng.fsu.edu
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Drop-off Point: 118 Dittmer
Department Phone: 644-3810
Contact Person: Amanda Strickland 118 DLC 644-3810
Contact Email: astrickland@chem.fsu.edu
CIMES (Center for Information Management and Educational Services)
Drop-off Point: 210 Sliger Building @ Innovation Park (BFS)
Department Phone: 645-0830
Contact Person: Rebecca Augustyniak 210 BFS 644-5602
Contact Email: raugustyniak@fsu.edu
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Drop-off Point: Library College of Engineering Building at Innovation Park
Department Phone: 410-6136
Contact Person: Johnye Morris Bldg A. Room 129 410-6139
Contact Email: bmorris@eng.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 205 Dodd Hall
Department Phone: 644-4259
Contact Person: Jeff Bray 205A DOD 644-4259
Contact Email: jbray@fsu.edu
COAPS (Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies)
Drop-off Point: Engineering Library
Department Phone: (850) 645-8478
Contact Person: Amelia Vaughan
Contact Email: Amelia@deep-c.org
College of Education
Drop-off Point: 1100 Stone Building
Department Phone: 644-6885
Contact Person: Juan Gonzalez 644-4944
Contact Email: jmgonzalez@admin.fsu.edu
College of Engineering FAMU / FSU
Drop-off Point: Library College of Engineering Building at Innovation Park
Department Phone: 410-6136
Contact Person: Bridgett King A332F 410-6604
Contact Email: bdking@mailer.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 1st 3102B , 2nd 3102D University Center C
Department Phone: 644-8743
Contact Person: Lacey Moret UCC 3102B 644-8743
Contact Email: lmoret@fsu.edu 
Communication Disorders
Drop-off Point: 205 Warren Building 201 W. Bloxham, Tallahassee
Department Phone: 645-9371
Contact Person: Erica Lee 0107 RRC 644-2253
Contact Email: ealee@mailer.fsu.edu
Computer Science
Drop-off Point: 253 Love
Department Phone: 644-2644
Contact Person: Carl Forney
Contact Email: forney@cs.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 5607 University A
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Drop-off Point: 205 Hecht House
Department Phone: 644-4050
Contact Person: Leslee Boldman 203 HEC 644-7365
Contact Email: lboldman@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 202 Montgomery Hall
Department Phone: 644-1024
Contact Person: Stephanie Farmer 0202 MON 644-1023
Contact Email: sfarmer@fsu.edu
EAP Employee Assistant Program
Drop-off Point: 937 EAP
Department Phone: 644-2288
Contact Person: LaToya Boyd 0101 Q 1 645-1128
Contact Email: ltboyd@admin.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 288 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-5001
Contact Person: Lisa Joiner 0288 BEL 644-5001
Contact Email: ljoiner@mailer.fsu.edu
Education Dean's Office
Drop-off Point: 1100 Stone Building
Department Phone: 644-6885
Contact Person: Charmaine R. Steiner 1109 644-0366
Contact Email: csteiner@fsu.edu
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Drop-off Point: 1209 Stone Building
Department Phone: 644-1258
Contact Person: Theresa Harrell
Contact Email: tharrell@fsu.edu
Educational Psychology & Learning Systems
Drop-off Point: 3210 Stone Building
Department Phone: 644-4592
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Drop-off Point: Library 2525 Pottsdamer Street
Department Phone: 410-6456
Contact Person: Donna Butka A0341A CE1 410-6455
Contact Email: dbutka@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 405 Williams
Department Phone: 644-4231
Contact Person: Jamekia Anderson WMS 644-4231
Contact Email: janderson2@fsu.edu
Family & Child Sciences
Drop-off Point: 225B Sandels
Department Phone: 644-3217
Contact Person: Candy Tookes 225 SAN 644-3217
Contact Email: ctookes@fsu.edu
Film School
Drop-off Point: A3100 Univ. Ctr. A
Department Phone: 644-7728
Contact Person: Linda Hensley A3101 UCA 644-8747
Contact Email: lhensley@mailer.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 311 Business (RBA)
Department Phone: 644-4220
Contact Person: Melissa Houston 311 RBA 644-4221
Contact Email: mhouston@cob.fsu.edu
Florida Center for Reading Research
Drop-off Point: 100 New Psychology Building, 2010 Levy Avenue, Suite 100
Department Phone: 644-9352
Contact Person: Nathan Archer
Contact Email: narcher@fsu.edu
Florida State University School
Drop-off Point: Mail Room 1118 Stone Building
Department Phone: 644-5199
FSU Teach
Drop-off Point: 209 Carothers Building
Drop-off Point: 323 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-1706
Contact Person: Christina Dippre 644-1706
Contact Email: crd04g@garnet.acns.fsu.edu
Geological Sciences
Drop-off Point: 108 Carraway
Department Phone: 644-6706
Contact Person: Necole White 644-6862
Contact Email: bowens@gly.fsu.edu
Graduate School, (The)
Drop-off Point: 314 Westcott Building
Department Phone: 644-3501
Contact Person: Rebecca Mahaffey
Contact Email: rmahaffey@admin.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 401 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-5888
Contact Person: Vicky (Carmen) Bernal 644-9525
Contact Email: cbernal@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: UCB4100 University Center B
Department Phone: 644-4787
Contact Person: Sharon Murray 645-0557
Contact Email: semurray@fsu.edu
Human Sciences
Drop-off Point: 242 Sandels -Dean's Office
Department Phone: 644-5054
Contact Person: Ashley Ritcher 644-2520
Contact Email: amsutton@fsu.edu
Industrial Engineering
Drop-off Point: Library 2525 Pottsdamer Street
Department Phone: 410-6342
Contact Person: Stephanie Salters 410-6345
Contact Email: salters@eng.fsu.edu
Institute for Energy Systems, Economics & Sustainability
Drop-off Point: 2000 Levy Avenue, Suite 360
Department Phone: 645-9307
Interdisciplinary Humanities
Drop-off Point: 427A Diffenbaugh
Department Phone: 644-9121
Contact Person: Shannon Tucker
Contact Email: srtucker@fsu.edu
Interior Design
Drop-off Point: 1038 Williams Johnston Building
Department Phone: 644-1436
Contact Person: Deb Alexander
Contact Email: dlalexander@fsu.edu
International Affairs
Drop-off Point: 211 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-4418
Contact Person: Shamuna Malik 644-5513
Contact Email: smalik@fsu.edu
International Programs
Drop-off Point: 5500 Univ. Center A
Department Phone: 644-3272
Contact Person: Michele Ceci 644-3272
Contact Email: mceci@admin.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: Legal Research Center, 2d Floor, Roberts Hall
Department Phone: 644-7480
Contact Person: Jane Driber
Contact Email: jdriber@law.fsu.edu
Learning System Institute
Drop-off Point: 3rd Floor Research Building A, Innovation Park
Learning System Institute
Drop-off Point: 4600 University Center C
Department Phone: 644-2570
Contact Person: Kristen Coyne 645-8323
Contact Email: kcoyne@fsu.edu
Library and Information Studies
Drop-off Point: Library, Louis Shores Building
Department Phone: 644-5775
Contact Person: Leila Gibradze 850 645-8418
Contact Email: lgibradze@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 305 Business
Department Phone: 644-5505
Contact Person: Trish Shubrick 644-5505
Contact Email: pshubrick@cob.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 307 Business
Department Phone: 644-4091
Contact Person: Lynn Emge
Contact Email: lemge@cob.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 208 Love
Department Phone: 644-2202
Contact Person: Karmel Hawkins 644-8714
Contact Email: hawkins@math.fsu.edu
Mechanical Engineering
Drop-off Point: Library College of Engineering Building at Innovation Park
Department Phone: 410-6335
Contact Person: Delandrea Humouse 410-6335
Contact Email: dhumose@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: Maguire Medical Library
Department Phone: 644-3883
Contact Person: Robyn Rosasco (645-0348)
Contact Email: medlibrary@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Daytona Beach Regional
Florida State University Regional Medical School Campus Daytona Beach, 1200 W. International Speedway BLVD. Building 600 Suite 101, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (386) 252-0601 x203
Contact Person: Vickie McDowell
Contact Email: vickie.mcdowell@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Ft. Pierce Regional
Florida State University Regional Medical School Campus Fort Pierce, 2498 S. 35th Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34981
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (772) 464-0034 x501
Contact Person: Judi Traynor
Contact Email: judi.traynor@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Immokalee Health Education Site
Florida State University Immokalee Health Education Site, 1441 Heritage BLVD, Immokalee, FL 34142
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (239) 658-3117
Contact Person: Glendy Perez
Contact Email: glendy.perez@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Lee Memorial Health System
Florida State University Family Medicine Residency Program Lee Memorial Health System 2780 Cleveland Ave., Suite 709 Fort Myers, FL  33901
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Contact Person: Katelyn Caldwell
Contact Email: katelyn.caldwell@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Orlando Regional
Florida State University Regional Medical School Campus Orlando, 250 East Colonical Drive Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32801
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (407) 835-4103
Contact Person: Samantha Feliciani
Contact Email: samantha.feliciani@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Pensacola Regional
Florida State University Pensacola Regional Campus 8880 University Parkway Suite A, Pensacola FL 32514-4911
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (850) 494-5939 x106
Contact Person: Traci L Parker
Contact Email: traci.parker@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Sarasota Regional
Florida State University Sarasota Regional Campus Florida State University 201 Cocoanut Avenue, Sarasota FL 34236-4917
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (941) 316-8120 x304
Contact Person: Pat Suzor
Contact Email: pat.suzor@med.fsu.edu
Medical School Campus - Tallahassee Regional
Florida State University, Regional Medical School Campus, 3331 Capital Oaks Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32308-4513
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (850) 645-1232
Contact Person: Kathryn Seitz
Contact Email: kathryn.seitz@med.fsu.edu
Medical School - Sarasota Memorial Health Care System Internal Medicine Residency ProgramFlorida State University Internal Medicine Residency Program 1700 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (941) 917-7799
Contact Person: Katie Axiotis
Contact Email: katie.axiotis@med.fsu.edu
Medical School - Tallahassee Dermatology Associates
Dermatology Associates of Tallahassee 1707 Riggins Road Tallahassee, FL 32308
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (850) 877-4134 x1129
Contact Person: Faith Stoutamire
Contact Email: faith.stoutamire@med.fsu.edu
Medical School - Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare General Surgery Residency Program
Florida State University General Surgery Residency Program 1401 Centerville Road, Suite 107 Tallahassee, FL 32308
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (850) 431-5576
Contact Person: Kathleen Mattis
Contact Email: kathleen.mattis@med.fsu.edu
Medical School - Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Internal Medicine Residency Program
Florida State University Internal Medicine Residency Program 1300 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL 32308
Drop-off Point: Front Desk
Department Phone: (850) 431-7910
Contact Person: Inez Hudlow
Contact Email: inez.hudlow@med.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 404 Love
Department Phone: 644-8583
Contact Person: Kathy Wimberly 644-8583 or William Stestson 644-6206
Contact Email: kwimberly@fsu.edu
Modern Languages & Linguistics
Drop-off Point: 362 Diffenbaugh
Department Phone: 644-3728
Contact Person: Brian Ruscher 644-3728
Contact Email: Bruscher@fsu.edu
Molecular Biophysics
Drop-off Point: 101 Kasha Lab Facility
Department Phone: 644-4764
Contact Person: Regina Ware 644-4474
Contact Email: ware@sb.fsu.edu
Motion Picture, Television, & Recording Arts
Drop-off Point: 3100 University Center A
Department Phone: 644-0454
Contact Person: Brenda Mills 645-4840
Contact Email: bmills@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: Library Housewright Music Building
Department Phone: 644-3424
Contact Person: Dee Beggarly 644-4361
Contact Email: dbeggarly@fsu.edu
National High Magnetic Lab
Drop-off Point: Front desk 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Department Phone: 644-0311
Contact Person: Sharon Dyal
Contact Email: sdyal@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 461 School of Nursing Building
Department Phone: 644-3299
Contact Person: Debbie Jensen 644-3297
Contact Email: djensen@nursing.fsu.edu
Nutrition, Food, & Exercise Sciences
Drop-off Point: 436 Sandels
Department Phone: 644-1829
Contact Person: Ann Smith 644-1828
Contact Email: asmith@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 102 Rogers Oceanography Building
Department Phone: 644-6700
Contact Person: Diane Grubbs 644-6700
Contact Email: grubbs@ocean.fsu.edu
ODL Office of Distance Learning
Drop-off Point: 3500 University - C
Panama City, Florida
Drop-off Point: Panama City Library
Department Phone: (850) 770-2244
Contact Person: Shaun Saxon
Contact Email: ssaxon@pc.fsu.edu
Pepper Institute on Aging & Public Policy
Drop-off Point: 207 Pepper Building, 636 W. Call St
Department Phone: 644-2831
Contact Person: Emily Bacon 644-1347
Contact Email: eebacon@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 151W Dodd Hall
Department Phone: 645-2985
Contact Person: Karen Foulke 644-0967 and Doug Bowen 644-1483
Contact Email: kfoulke@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 315 Keen Building
Department Phone: 644-2868
Contact Person: Eva Crowdis 644-2724
Contact Email: crowdis@phy.fsu.edu
Political Science
Drop-off Point: 531B Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-5727
Contact Person: Press Jackson 644-5727
Contact Email: ujackson@fsu.edu
President's Office
Drop-off Point: 211 Westcott Building
Contact Person: Dawn Randle 644-4989
Contact Email: drandle@admin.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: A203 Psychology Building
Department Phone: 644-2040
Contact Person: Earline Whitley 644-2040
Contact Email: ewhitley@fsu.edu
Public Administration & Policy
Drop-off Point: 627 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-3525
Contact Person: Kathleen Woods 644-6113
Contact Email: kwoods@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: M01 Dodd Hall
Department Phone: 644-1020
Contact Person: John Bridges 644-1022
Contact Email: jbridges@mailer.fsu.edu
Retail Merchandising & Product Design
Drop-off Point: 332 Sandels
Department Phone: 644-2498
Contact Person: Paula Gray 644-2498
Contact Email: pgray@admin.fsu.edu
Risk Management/Insurance & Real Estate & Program in Business Law
Drop-off Point: 313 Business
Department Phone: 644-4070
Contact Person: Laura Waltke 644-4070
Contact Email: lwaltke@cob.fsu.edu
School of Teacher Education
Drop-off Point: G107 Stone Building
Department Phone: 644-4704
Contact Person: Amy McKnight 510-2917
Contact Email: amcknight@fsu.edu
Scientific Computing
Drop-off Point: 400 Dirac
Department Phone: 644-1010
Contact Person: Anne Johnson 403 DSL 644-7054
Contact Email: aljohnson2@fsu.edu
Social Sciences and Public Policy
Drop-off Point: 101 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-5470
Contact Person: Ann Delrossi 644-5470
Contact Email: adelrossi@admin.fsu.edu
Social Work
Drop-off Point: 2500 University Center C
Department Phone: 644-4751
Drop-off Point: 526 Bellamy Building
Department Phone: 644-6416
Contact Person: Lettie Keen 644-6416
Contact Email: lkeen@fsu.edu
Sports Management, Recreation Management, and Physical Education
Drop-off Point: 1002 Tully Gym
Department Phone: 644-4813
Contact Person: Erika Bettilyan 644-7191
Contact Email: ebettilyon@admin.fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 214 Oceanography-Statistics Building
Department Phone: 644-3218
Contact Person: Pamela McGhee 644-7412
Contact Email: pmcghee@fsu.edu
Student Success Center
Drop-off Point: Olgesby Union A305
Department Phone: 644-3396
Contact Person: LaToya Brown
Contact Email: lbrown5@fsu.edu
Sustainable Campus
Drop-off Point: 110 Mendenhall
Department Phone: 644-1950
Contact Person: Melissa Angel
Contact Email: mangel@fsu.edu
Drop-off Point: 239 Fine Arts Building
Department Phone: 644-6795
Contact Person: Tonya Byrd 644-7257
Contact Email: tbyrd@fsu.edu
Undergraduate Studies
Drop-off Point: 3400 University Center A